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Why You Should Ensure Your East Alton, IL Brake Maintenance is Done Right.

Why You Should Ensure Your East Alton, IL Brake Maintenance is Done Right.

When something happens to your car’s brake system, the first thing that you should do is take it to a local East Alton, IL professional to have it checked and fixed. By doing this right away, you save money in the long run. Stress that could’ve increased by just waiting it out to see what would possibly happen also seemingly disappears. When dealing with common problems that you could face with your car, brakes can sometimes be seen at the top of the list. For that reason, we are going to share professional advice and tips that technicians in our shop have been using for quite some time.


We understand that taking your car to a shop can be a big deal in some homes. Leaving your car sometimes for a longer period of time can be quite stressful. By reading these tips, we want to help you make the right decisions when it comes to addressing brake repairs to ease your mind and help you get an insight into what might be the problem with your car.

Test Drive Your Vehicle

One thing to start off with is a test drive. This could seem like a silly thing to do since we drive our cars on average every single day, sometimes for multiple hours a day depending on the distance. When doing a test drive, you are listening solely for one thing rather than being distracted by the radio, directions, or other people you are talking to. When you test drive your car, you need to learn how to listen to your brakes and how they are working. Listen for anything off with them as you brake your car. Noises like this are not easy to miss if you are paying attention to them.

While test driving, feeling your breaks are also just as important as hearing them. You will want to feel how much pressure the brake pedal requires to slow the vehicle, what kind of feedback you will get from the pedal, and how your car as a whole behaves while you are braking. This could mean pulling to one side or shaking in the steering wheel.

Check the Brake and Identify Any Issues

Making sure to inspect the problem and identify it at its roots is very important. Could this mean more time than just putting new parts on your car? Yes. However, this won’t take nearly as much time as doing it all over again because a step was missed while going forward with the repairs.

Check the Brake and Identify Any Issues

We highly advise you to come into our shop after you have done a test drive yourself. At our shop, this is something that we can do as well, but being able to know the problem, to begin with, will help you give details to our technicians. With that being said, we are here to help when there are problems you may not know how to describe. That is our job, and we are happy to help you when needed. Taking that step right after test driving to understand there is a problem and bringing in your car right away will save you in the long run. This could mean a difference from a simple repair that could be done that day, to something much worse that needs days of repair and costs you an arm and leg on top of it.

Here at Rob’s Discount and Mufflers, we want you to feel comfortable bringing in your car with any problem you can think of. If you notice you are having brake problems after test driving, give us a call to make an appointment!



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