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What Makes Your Local Alton, IL Mechanic Shop Better Than a Large Auto Repair Franchise or Dealer?

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Getting excellent car service is just as possible at a local mechanic shop as it is at a big-name dealership. Many people make the mistake of believing that only local shops can provide such great care. Despite this, you may already know that those larger dealerships tend to charge you more for your repairs in comparison to your local shops. While price does not mean everything, there are many other reasons why you should visit your local Alton, IL repair shops for your car repairs. Here we will discuss more reasons why you should go local with your car repairs.

The Benefits of Using a Local Mechanic

Big dealerships have a couple of advantages, however, there is nothing that can compare to the dedication and professionalism that local shops provide. There are plenty of reasons why you should visit your local repair shop:

Local Mechanic
  • Locations: Local mechanics have their shops in more convenient to get to locations. Larger dealerships are known for staying in more populated areas. You can count on your local shops to be easier to get to.
  • Replacement Parts: If a vehicle needs a part repaired or replaced, a local shop has more options when it comes to which parts they can offer to use. Larger dealerships get stuck only being able to offer their customers the original equipment parts. Even if you have to pay for the cost of any special parts, you can rest assured that your local shop will only shop for parts at their best prices.
  • Affordable Labor Costs: Even though they are highly trained experts in their field, local car mechanics will typically charge you less than what a big-named dealership would charge you. The average cost most local mechanics will charge you for labor is around $20 an hour.
  • Aftermarket Modifications: People who enjoy having new enhancements work done on their car should always ask local mechanics to help them. Big dealerships are typically not allowed to do any kind of aftermarket work on customers’ cars. However, local shops have no such restrictions.

If you’re looking for a local vehicle repair shop in Alton, IL, give our team of experts over at Robs Discount Mufflers a call today. We provide our customers with a variety of different services all at an affordable price.



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