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What Do I Do When My Battery Light Comes on in Alton, IL?

What Do I Do When My Battery Light Comes on in Alton, IL?

Worried Why Your Battery Light Came On?

We have all had that slight panic when we see our battery light come on while driving or when we start our car. This is something that everyone has dealt with, and it is never a nice feeling. There are different possible reasons why this light comes on, such as a bad battery, alternator, or voltage regulator. This could also cause a wiring problem, impaired belt driving, or something heavy on the electrical system. If this happens to you, check these specific tips to make sure you know exactly how to take care of something like this again.

Battery Light

Understanding The Battery Indicator Light:

Anytime that this light comes on, the one thing not to do is ignore it. Whenever this indicator light turns on, it means that your car is now relying on the stored battery power to continue running any electronic components. Unfortunately, this does mean that your vehicle is then limited to how far it can travel before the car dies due to the lack of electrical power. Most of the cars will display a red light that represents a car battery, shows “CHG” or “ALT” icons, or a sign that reads “BATT.”

Doing Your Battery Check on Your Own:

Place your key in the ignition and cycle between the off, run, and start positions. The chagrining system will administer a self-check. When you start your engine, the indicator light should remain on for 1-2 seconds before automatically shutting off. If the light then turns off after two seconds, that means that the chagrining system is functioning correctly. However, if the light remains on or turns off and on randomly while the vehicle is running, there is a problem with the charging system.

Seek Repair Help:

Since your vehicle relies on a reliable electricity supply to power all the car’s electrical parts, this isn’t a problem that will resolve itself over time. If possible, bring your vehicle into our repair shot to then determine the matter. If the warning light then comes on while driving at night, find a nearby mechanical shop before it dies.

If you need to buy yourself more time, turn off all unneeded electrical devices you are not using. This could be your AC, Heater, or even the radio. Your car may only have a few to no miles left before the engine dies completely. If you turn these specific electrical devices off, this can save you time in the long run. This could only mean a couple of miles, but still possibly enough to get you somewhere safe if the condition of your car is quite severe.

Car Maintenance

Alternatively, suppose this problem is a severe issue, such as your temperature light comes on with the battery light. In that case, you must stop all activity in the car. The particular belt that powers the alternator is quite often shared with the water pump. If the water pump fails to function, the engine will then overheat, which will cause even more damage and repairs.
Regardless of any problem, you encounter with your car, here at Rob’s Discount Mufflers, we are most happy to help where we can! So bring your vehicle into our shop today, or give us a call at your next convenience. We have a team geared up and ready to answer any questions you have, test your car, or check for any parts that need fixing!



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