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What Can a Custom Car Exhaust System Do for Your Alton, IL Vehicle?

What Can a Custom Car Exhaust System Do for Your Alton, IL Vehicle?

Even the most well-made automobile can benefit from a little aftermarket customization, especially when it comes to power. Your exhaust system is not secluded.

While your Alton, IL vehicle rolls off the line as a fully functional auto, this doesn’t mean that it is performing at its peak. For this reason, many car owners choose custom car work.

For optimum torque and horsepower, you need a custom exhaust system. A custom exhaust allows your car or truck to perform at its best. With a larger exhaust kit that allows a higher flow, there is reduced restriction and back pressure. This lets your engine to more freely pull out the exhaust gasses, which leads to the generation of more horsepower.

Here is a taste of how installing a custom exhaust system can benefit your automobile.

Release Your Engine’s Full Power

Your stock exhaust is holding back your engine’s true power. If you opt for an aftermarket exhaust system, you can feel the full power of the engine in your car or truck.

This is because it takes a custom exhaust to provide a more efficient, faster route for the gasses to exit the engine. When your engine can breathe better, it can burn more fuel and oxygen. This means that more power is being produced.

Exhaust Repair

Make Your Car’s Sound Match the Engine’s Power

While power may be your main reason for choosing custom car work, an aftermarket exhaust kit adds something more to your driving experience: a deep, aggressive growl.

Many car lovers are drawn to the deepening growl that is added when you have your auto repair specialist install a custom exhaust system. It helps your car sound as powerful as it is inside.

Choosing a Custom Exhaust System

So, now that you know what customization of your exhaust system can add to your Alton, IL driving experience, how do you know where to start?

Before you begin, you have a few basic decisions to make.


First, you need to choose the type of bend your professional will use. This refers to the system’s shape.

Many of the factory exhaust systems, along with several aftermarket systems, have a crush bend. This is crimped and can act to restrict the airflow of your exhaust.

If you want to open the path for the exhaust gasses to exit through, you will probably want to switch to a mandrel bend.

System Material

Many car manufacturers use exhaust systems that are made of mild steel. The problem is it can break down as time passes.

Most custom exhaust systems are made of stainless steel and aluminized steel. This material has a much-improved lifespan, outlasting the vehicle it is attached to, at times.

Exhaust and Brake Repair

Automobile enthusiasts also like the aesthetic appeal a customized exhaust can add to a vehicle. Often, custom car exhausts come with polished mufflers and oversized tips. These can be a big draw for some autophiles.

It’s really a point of personal style. While some systems offer a lot of flashes, others simply give your engine the chance to roar.

Get Help from an Auto Repair Specialist

Whatever your reason for considering an exhaust system customization, you need to make sure that you have a qualified auto repair technician in charge of the work. Otherwise, instead of aiding your car’s performance, an amateur could damage your vehicle.

Besides having the training and skills to improve your automobile, a professional should be properly licensed and insured. That way, you are fully protected if an emergency occurs.

If you still have questions about having an aftermarket exhaust installed, contact a custom auto repair technician in Alton, IL.



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