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Affordable Auto Repair, Custom Exhaust, & More in Jerseyville, IL

In the market for brand-new tires? Or maybe you need your tire rotation? Whatever the case, Rob’s Discount Mufflers is the number one solution for your automotive repairs and maintenance in Jerseyville, IL. With over 100 years of shared experience, 5 ASE-certified technicians, and 9 Bays – we are confident that we can satisfy your automotive repairs. In addition, we provide vehicle inspections and provide honest feedback on potential problems you could endure in the future, current problems now (if any), and discuss all possible solutions. Contact us for services that include:

  • Emission Repairs
  • Tune-ups
  • Auto Repair
  • Tire Service
  • Auto Diagnostics
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Brakes
Auto Diagnostics Jerseyville IL

Auto Diagnostics Jerseyville, IL

Most states require you to pass an emissions test annually in order to register your vehicle. Emissions tests help check for pollutant emissions that are produced by your car’s engine and make sure they are up to certain regulations. At Rob’s Discount Mufflers, we help you pass your emissions test and provide repairs to ensure this happens. Some of the more popular reasons for failing your inspections:

  • Air-fuel Metering
  • Emission Controls
  • Fuel Injector Malfunctions
  • Vehicle Speed Control & Idle Control
  • Ignition System Misfires
  • Computer Output Controls
  • Transmission Controls

Mufflers & Exhaust Jerseyville, IL

Your muffler and exhaust system aren’t just for a noise decrease. It also helps with that upcoming emissions test. A quality muffler and exhaust system helps limit the toxic emissions you put into the atmosphere. So not only is a muffler and exhaust system installed by Rob’s Discount Mufflers better for your car – it is also better for the environment. Our masterful technicians have the skills necessary to provide a smoother, cleaner, and quieter ride for you to enjoy.

Brake Repair & more Jerseyville, IL

At Rob’s Discount Mufflers, we know your car’s braking system like the back of our hand. From your brake pedals to hydraulic fluid, brake pads to your rotors. Brake repairs, replacements, and inspections – we provide it all to ensure your entire braking system is at its optimal performance. Here are some signs that your brakes are starting to fail:

  • Your anti-lock brake system light flashes on your dashboard (ABS)
  • Your brake dashboard is red, which means there is a system imbalance
  • Slow response on your brake pedal
  • A grinding or constant squealing while braking
Brake Repair Jerseyville Illinois

Tires Jerseyville, IL

Having good tires is necessary to provide you with the traction and control you need when driving on the road. Tires are expensive to replace, but depending on how you treat them, they can last for years. General tire maintenance includes tire rotation, tire balancing and routine wheel alignments which are beneficial for an all-around smoother driving experience. In addition, these also increase the lifespan of your tires – saving you money in the long run. Rob’s Discount Mufflers provide a comprehensive tire service and have a wide array of selections to choose from if you need a replacement set!

Heating & AC Jerseyville IL

Heating & AC Jerseyville, IL

A vehicle’s heating and cooling system can be a complex sight to an untrained eye. Your car’s heating and cooling system are comprised of many components and often need love and attention to avoid drying out and cracking. Your heating and cooling system have numerous components and more than one thing could be wrong, which is why we provide a thorough inspection of your entire system, guaranteeing we find every potential repair that needs to be done. Our inspection entails:

  • Check the interior blower
  • Check the radiator coolant level
  • Check all hoses
  • Ensure the pressure cap is working
  • Ensure accurate reading on the thermostat
  • Check the interior vent air temperature
  • Screen the compressor belt
  • Examine for cracks or additional damage
  • Cooling system pressure examination
  • Contrasting the air conditioner pressure
  • Examine the air-conditioning system

Auto Repair Jerseyville, IL

Whether you need your spark plugs replaced, having a water pump issue or need us to inspect your engine and its performance – Rob’s Discount Mufflers is your number one solution for auto repair, maintenance, and tires in Jerseyville, IL. We strive to provide quality service, paying enormous attention to detail on every project. With our staff of ASE-certified technicians with over 100 years of combined experience, know that your car is in trusted hands. We cross out t’s and dot our I’s; providing thorough inspections to oversee any issue that your car may be experiencing. One phone call to us and you can see why we are the number one auto repair shop in our community.
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