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dual exhaust systems in Alton, IL

The Purpose of Dual Exhausts in Alton, IL

vehicles with a dual exhaust system Alton, IL

The engine in your car acts like a big vacuum pump that sucks in air and fuel while running. The engine will then go through 4 important steps: Intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. Without taking these steps, it would be impossible to drive down the roads of Alton, IL. Your car’s engine will intake air and fuel. Then the pistons will come up to compress the mixture making it more volatile. After that, the spark plugs fire will cause an explosion in the cylinder. Finally, the leftover mixture of air and fuel is sent out of the engine to make room for a new mixture and what is leftover is sent out of the car through the exhaust system. A car can have either a singular or dual exhaust system. We want to go into more detail on dual exhaust systems and what they can do for your car.

Singular and Dual Exhaust Systems

Vehicles will have either a singular or dual exhaust system. If your car has a single exhaust system, it will have one or two exhaust manifolds based on the size of the engine. Four-cylinder vehicles will have one exhaust manifold. If your engine is a V-6 or larger, it will have two exhaust manifolds for each head or “bank.” Some vehicles with two manifolds and two exhaust tips might have a single exhaust. Past the manifold, the pipes lead to the catalytic converter and the muffler. If your car has a single exhaust, the pipe that comes out of each manifold is joined into a Y before it reaches the catalytic converter and muffler. Single exhausts will have one of each while dual exhausts have two of each.

Going with A Dual Exhaust or A Single Exhaust System

The best reason to have a dual exhaust system is that it will help get out the leftover air in the cylinders a lot faster which will let the next exchange start sooner. The speed at which the exhaust is forced out of the engine is all dependent on the size of the timing and camshaft, so you want to get more of that “used” air (exhaust) out at one time as possible. When you are able to get a lot of that air out, your engine will be able to suck more which results in increased horsepower. It should be noted if you have a non-turbocharged four-cylinder, adding a dual exhaust will not do much and is only added to those cars for aesthetic reasons.

What a Dual Exhaust Does

cars with a dual exhaust system installed in Alton, IL

To put it simply, if you want more horsepower in your vehicle as you drive down the roads of Alton, IL, have a dual exhaust system on your car. Having a dual exhaust system will let out a lot more of that already-used air in your engine quicker, thus leading to more horsepower. Another great thing about dual exhaust systems is that they help decrease back pressure common with single exhaust systems. If you are planning on converting to a dual exhaust system, you should replace the manifolds of your stock exhaust system with headers to help decrease the pressure. The best headers you can go with are stainless steel ones that will help reduce rust. Also, be sure to choose ones that are designed in a way that the pipe lengths are close to the same length. This will also further decrease the back pressure and increase the horsepower of your car.

If you have any more questions about dual exhaust systems, give our team of experts over at Rob’s Discount Mufflers a call today!



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