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Making Your Exhaust Louder in Alton, IL

Exhaust Kit

If you are a car enthusiast in Alton, IL, you may be looking to make your vehicle more unique than any other on the road. One popular way that car enthusiasts spruce up their vehicles is by making their exhaust sound a lot louder and more aggressive than other vehicles on the road. The loud sound rumbling your vehicle can give you new excitement to drive down the road. Your friends and family might even be impressed you were able to get your exhaust to sound so loud. Improving your exhaust’s sound is not just an easy process you can do right away, you might have to purchase some parts and kits you will have to take time to install onto your vehicle. If you are interested in making the exhaust on your vehicle louder, we have a few tips on how to make it happen.

Using A Cold Air Intake

A small component that you can purchase and easily install on your vehicle is a cold air intake. A cold air intake will improve the way your exhaust sounds. The stock intake on your vehicle does its job well at sucking in air, however, the air it sucks in is usually scorching hot as it is coming straight from the engine compartment of your vehicle. Hot air contains less oxygen, which will hinder your engine’s ability to perform as well as it can. There are some manufacturers who make air intakes that will bring air in from the outside. Aftermarket cold air intakes will reroute the way your car sucks in air, pulling it from outside of the compartment. Cold air is a lot denser and has a lot more oxygen which will help your engine reach its peak performance.

Aftermarket Exhaust Kit

If you want a more straightforward way to get that deeper and louder sound exhaust as you drive down the roads in Alton, IL, you can buy an aftermarket exhaust kit to replace your current exhaust system. Aftermarket exhaust systems will be mandrel-bent, which means the diameter of your bends will be situated evenly in order to increase the airflow as opposed to being pinched like stock exhaust systems. As previously mentioned, the better your engine can breathe, the louder it will sound. These aftermarket exhaust systems are usually the first performance upgrade that enthusiasts will pick since they usually have a bolt-on installation and are immediately effective.

Resonator Delete Kit

Exhaust Repair

While there are a number of different parts you can get when you are trying to change how your exhaust sounds, one of the most effective ways to achieve that perfect volume is by getting a resonator delete kit. A resonator acts like a second muffler, which will smooth out the tone of your exhaust restricting the sounds it makes. Using a resonator delete kit, you can take out your resonator which will leave your exhaust’s sound unrestricted. You can install a resonator delete kit on your vehicle’s stock exhaust system or even an aftermarket exhaust system. It will also help improve the flow of your exhaust, which while not the primary objective of installing a resonator delete kit, is still a welcome benefit.

These are not the only ways that you can improve the sound of your exhaust. If you have any more questions about your exhaust or are looking for a company that can repair your exhaust if it has any issues in Alton, IL, give our team of auto repair professionals over at Rob’s Discount Mufflers a call today! Our team is dedicated to getting your vehicle working right again.



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