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emission & exhaust system problems in car Edwardsville, IL

Issues That Can Affect the Emission and Exhaust System in Your Car in Edwardsville, IL

Edwardsville, IL emission & exhaust system problems

One of the most important parts of your car is its emission and exhaust systems. If either of these systems stops working properly, your car is not going anywhere. There can be a number of reasons why these systems can stop working. It is important that when you know your exhaust or emissions systems are not working you have your car looked at by your local auto repair professionals in Edwardsville, IL. Here we want to detail some common problems that these systems and their components might have to deal with.

EVAP System issues

The EVAP system can run into two main problems. The charcoal canisters need to have a filter that needs to be replaced, which can lead to a drop in fuel mileage if not kept up. When the purge valve has gone bad, the engine vacuum will draw fuel right from the intake system, which will cause the AFR to become too rich, leading to damage to the spark plugs.

EGR Failure

Having a malfunctioning EGR valve is commonly due to there being too much or too little exhaust gas. This valve can also stick due to it not receiving vacuum or electric power vital for it to move or it could be because it is dirty. Having bad EGR results in rough idling, bad fuel economy, and a loss of overall power. Emissions testing can identify the signs of EGR failure by the rise of nitrogen oxide-based pollutants from your vehicle.

Issues With Rusting

Even simple exposure to the elements can lead your exhaust systems to rust over time. If the rust is allowed to continue building up, it can lead to the exhaust piping becoming brittle to the point of breaking apart, causing holes. These holes have the potential to divert the exhaust out into the air before it gets the chance to pass the muffler or resonator which will lead to a very loud-sounding exhaust. This also lets more pollutants out into the atmosphere. Rusting can also affect the headers as well, and it can lead to the same problems with sound.

Failure of The Air Pump

When you have a failing air pump, either it’s the pump itself or it is the belt that drives it, it can leave hydrocarbons in your exhaust. This can lead to you failing an emissions test and leading to you leaving more pollution in the atmosphere as you drive on the roads in Edwardsville, IL. If you have a failing diverter valve, it will keep the airflow into the exhaust manifold, which can lead to more popping whenever the AFR runs richer.

Oxygen Sensor Failures

If your car’s oxygen sensor fails, the computer will not be able to figure out the proper AFR. This can lead to your car’s mileage decreasing or your car has an overall poorer performance. It is best when you know your oxygen sensor has failed to have it replaced.

Catalytic Converter Problems

issues with your cars exhaust system or emission system in Edwardsville, IL

Your catalytic converter issues are not immune to issues. If your exhaust is dirty, it can force your catalytic converter to work harder than it should. This causes it to heat up, potentially to such a degree it can even glow from it. Letting your catalytic converter become this hot can lead it to stop working altogether and can damage the engine.

Are you experiencing any of these issues or need to have your car repaired in Edwardsville, IL? Give our team of auto repair professionals over at Rob’s Discount Mufflers a call today!



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