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Best High Performance Exhaust Systems & Repairs Throughout East Alton, IL and the Surrounding Metro-East

If you need an exhaust system repairs or an entire replacement, Rob’s Discount Mufflers specializes in high-performance exhaust systems. With over 100 years of experience, our technicians guarantee your vehicle will reach its peak performance. With a smaller muffler, that most cars are installed with, your system will stay quieter due to the restricting confines of the system. When Rob’s redoes a high-performing exhaust system, we open all the restrictions and allow the system to breathe.

Our master technicians have experience installing custom-built dual exhaust systems or replacing them. These technicians are also experts on the mandatory regulations on emissions and will make sure you are in the clear. When you are ready to unleash those pent-up horses, all you have to do is come see us. We offer competitive pricing and financing is available.

Exhaust Problems Alton IL

6 Signs of Exhaust Problems

An average muffler will last a person five to seven years. The most common damage to a muffler comes during normal everyday use, exposure to salt, sudden changes in speed, and potholes can all cause damage to your muffler.

Below are a few ways to tell if your car is experiencing exhaust problems.

Numerous Ways To Do It

Overall Noisy Engine

If you are experiencing an abnormally loud engine your vehicle could have a faulty manifold, and as a result, it causes an exhaust leak that makes hissing sounds. This is very noticeable during a cold start or when your vehicle accelerates.

Decreased Power and Acceleration

 When you have an exhaust leak this will decrease the power of your vehicle and the acceleration.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

When there is a problem with the exhaust system, your vehicle must work even harder. This means that your gas mileage will start to suffer as everything works harder to compensate for the mistake.    

Burning Smell From the Engine Bay

With the preventative maintenance philosophy, if at any point and time you smell anything burning and you believe it is coming from the vehicle. YOU MUST GET IT CHECKED OUT A.S.A.P.

Hanging Exhaust Pipe

If you see any part of your muffler system, not attached to the bottom of your vehicle, you need to get it fixed. If the pipe would happen to break off your vehicle it could not only harm you but the other vehicles on the road.

Gas Smells

If you start to smell gas in the cabin of your vehicle, then you may have a leak in your exhaust system. It can be a small cut in the fuel line or a more severe problem.

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