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Exhaust System Edwardsville Illinois

Exhaust System and How to Increase Performance in Edwardsville, IL

Every driver wants to get the best performance out of their car, but it’s tough to decide which upgrades are worth it. While some enhancements promise significant performance boosts and a smoother ride, they don’t deliver on those promises. If you want to give your car a serious upgrade in terms of performance, you should have an Edwardsville, IL, mechanic tune up your exhaust system.

Exhaust System Basics

Understanding how your exhaust system can increase car performance starts with understanding what your exhaust system does. The exhaust system in your car is designed to take burnt gases from your engine and move them out of the vehicle. Not only can these gases cause problems with your engine if the exhaust pipes have not diverted the gas, but they even have the potential to build up inside your car and cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

When you have a problem with your exhaust, noises, and vibrations are two of the most common signs. Often, there’s something loose underneath your car that’s rattling around or worse, dragging on the ground as you drive.

Exhaust Systems and Car Performance

There are a lot of things your car needs to run well, including a clean engine and proper airflow. Because your exhaust system is designed to make sure harmful gases are removed from your engine and airflow is optimal, it’s a crucial component in terms of performance.

Muffler Performance Edwardsville IL

One good reason to upgrade or repair your exhaust system is the impact it can have on fuel economy. If you have a stock exhaust that’s restricting airflow, there’s a good chance you could see a substantial improvement in efficiency if you make an upgrade. One thing to keep in mind is that a more extensive, less restrictive exhaust system tends to be a little louder than your stock exhaust.

Keeping your engine free of burnt exhaust gases helps keep things clean; it does more than improve fuel efficiency. If you want to make sure your vehicle runs smoothly and you don’t have any major engine problems soon, keeping your exhaust clean is crucial.

Upgrading Your Exhaust

When it comes to upgrading your exhaust system, there are a few different things you can do. The type of upgrade you make depends on the kind of exhaust system you have, how big of an upgrade you’re after, and how much money you’re willing to spend.

Your exhaust manifold is the first piece in your exhaust system. While a standard exhaust system might restrict airflow a bit due to its design, aftermarket manifolds often have multiple tubes that are designed to direct air better.

Exhaust System Performance Edwardsville Illinois

Mufflers are another standard exhaust upgrade because they can bring a mix of performance and a mean sound. When you hear those cars that almost rattle your ears, chances are it’s because of a muffler that’s designed to provide that specific sound.

If you want better airflow, the downpipe is the most significant factor. There are a lot of exhaust pipes running underneath your car that route exhaust fumes out of the vehicle, so having wider pipes that promote better airflow makes a big difference. When it comes to downpipes, your options are pretty much endless in terms of different designs.

A Quick Fix

Improved fuel efficiency and a smoother-running ride are tempting, and that’s what you can get with an exhaust upgrade. Not only can a new exhaust system make your car sound better, but it can also improve car performance. If you’re interested in giving your vehicle an exhaust upgrade, give Rob’s Discount Mufflers a call at
(618) 259-3244.



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