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Save Money & Time by Having Our Professional Computer Auto Diagnostics Ran in E. Alton, IL

When your car has a problem, what do you do? Do you call a friend? Locals in the area know to call Rob’s Discount Mufflers for any vehicle problem that presents itself. This could be in the form of an unusual sound or a flashing vehicle warning indicator located on your dashboard. Who do you turn to for help? Trust Rob’s. We will not steer you wrong.

Electronic Computer Diagnostics Alton IL

Our Electronic Computer Auto Diagnostics Include:

  • Check Engine Light: A mini heart attack will happen every time someone sees their check engine light comes on. Nobody wants to pay for a costly repair. With our electronic auto diagnostics, we can effectively diagnose the problem and get you back on the road with good health.
  • Computer: In today’s modern world, vehicles are equipped with at least one computer that monitors your car’s engine and transmission operations via different sensors. This includes idle speeds, fuel injectors, and spark plugs.
  • Drivability & Performance: We can test how smooth your car drives and rides. Our goal is to keep it running like it’s brand new. The onboard computer checks all the sensors that it can to keep your car running smoothly. If there is a hiccup, a light will appear on the dashboard.
  • Engine Controls: Your engine controls contain hardware and software that are responsible for regulating your exhaust emissions and an increased fuel economy.

Emissions Test Failure Repair Service

Nobody likes a failed test. If your vehicle fails Illinois’s vehicle inspection process, come to Rob’s Discount Mufflers to get the necessary repairs for retesting. With a failed test, your vehicle cannot be registered in the state of Illinois until it passes an emissions test.

All repairs come with a 12 month or 12,000-mile warranty on parts and labor. 

Common Car Diagnostic Codes

Your car’s computer diagnostics help our certified technicians identify the exact problems in a fast and efficient manner. Trouble codes from your check engine light could mean various things relating to your engine and transmission control system including:

  • Air fuel metering
  • Fuel injector malfunctions
  • Ignition system misfires
  • Emission controls
  • Vehicle speed control and idle control
  • Computer output controls
  • Transmission controls
  • And more!
Car Diagnostic Codes Alton Illinois

Life happens to all of us in a blink of an eye. One moment we are driving down the road and that little engine light comes on. We say a choice word and just continue not knowing what the problem is.  The On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-II) refers to the vehicle’s self-diagnostic. It is your vehicle’s way of keeping you safe and sound.  In our experience the five most common codes are:

Oxygen Sensor: PO171-P0175

This is one of the most common fault codes found by our ASE-Master Certified Technician. The oxygen sensor monitors how much oxygen makes it into the engine. If the sensor is faulty then your gas mileage will decrease, and your engine could start to stall on you.  

Engine Misfire: P0300-P0305

If you experience shaking while idling, this could be the sign of your engine misfiring. This is a common problem that our ASE-Master Certified Mechanic works on every day.

Evaporative System: P0411, P0440, P0442, P0446, P0455

In our experience, a loose gas cap allows more vapors into your fuel causing more air to pass through your engine causing the light to pop on. Your evaporation system consists of vent hoses, a purge valve, a charcoal canister, and a vacuum sensor.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR): P0401

Your EGR regulates your engine’s emission of smog-causing nitrous oxides. It helps recirculates your engine exhaust gas into the engine’s cylinders.

Catalytic Converters: P0420, P0430

Your Catalytic Converter is the Green of your car. This piece of the vehicle takes the most toxic of exhaust fumes and turns them into less toxic fumes. It can not get contaminated from burning oil or leaking coolant. 

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