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Trusted & Certified Automotive Heating and Cooling Repair Mechanics in the Alton, IL Area

It does not matter what the calendar says, you can get your heating system fixed in June and your auto air conditioning system serviced in January. This is because Rob’s Discount Mufflers does heating and cooling services any time of year. Many different components help your heater get warm and your AC stay cool. Any of these components can go haywire at any point and time in the year from normal wear and tear.

What can wear and tear? Well, to find out we will have to inspect your heating and cooling system.  Our inspection includes:

  • Check the interior blower
  • Check the radiator coolant level
  • Check all hoses
  • Ensure pressure cap is working
  • Ensure accurate reading on the thermostat
  • Check the interior vent air temperature
  • Screen the compressor belt
  • Examine for cracks or additional damage
  • Cooling system pressure examination
  • Contrasting the air conditioner pressure
  • Examine the air-conditioning system for refrigerant leaks
Heating And Air Conditioning Services Alton Illinois

Air Conditioning

Has your car started to feel like the Sahara? Your car’s cooling system could be suffering from problems. Rob’s Discount Mufflers has an ASE-Master Certified technician, 2 Auto Mechanics, and an Exhaust Specialist with the capability of servicing your vehicle’s entire HVAC system including your computer diagnostics, ac compressor, ac condensers, evaporator cores, and expansion valves.

Belt Inspections

Your fan belt is what rotates the water pump and engine fan which helps keep your engine and other components from overheating. Over time, your fan belt will dry out and crack – this needs to be an immediate fix otherwise your car will consistently be overheating. Our certified technicians inspect your fan belt and if needed, will replace it.

Belt Inspection Alton IL
Coolant System Flush Alton IL

Coolant System Flush

Have you ever seen someone pulled over to the side of the road – smoke coming through their hood? That is an overheated engine and it’s most common because of an issue with your car’s engine coolant. Your coolant system is meant to circulate through your engine and radiator to help keep it cool and antifreeze is used during the winter. A coolant system flush helps cleanse your cooling system of sediment and rust and helps protect against corrosion. We recommend having your coolant system flushed every five years or 30,000 miles.

Hose Inspections

Your car’s hoses are what transfers your coolant and antifreeze throughout your engine’s cooling system. These are susceptible to cracks, especially if they dry out. As a result, your car’s coolant system becomes ineffective and overheating can occur. At Rob’s Discount Mufflers, we provide thorough inspections of your vehicle’s hoses and can replace your cracked and worn out hoses.

Hose Inspections Alton Illinois
Radiator Service Alton IL


Your radiator acts as a heat exchanger for cooling your car’s engine via circulation of engine coolant throughout your engine block. If your radiator fails, the excess heat produced by your engine could damage the engine. To help prevent this from happening, Rob’s Discount Mufflers recommends you have your radiator serviced regularly. We provide inspections and offer preventative maintenance to ensure a radiator failure doesn’t happen.

Your Auto Air Conditioning May Have Issues If…

  • If your a/c isn’t blowing out cold air
  • If your a/c blows musty and damp air
  • Your car’s cabin doesn’t warm up in cold weather
  • Your defroster takes longer than usual
  • Your a/c only works when driving and stops blowing air when you are idling
  • Your heater blows cold, or a/c blows warm air
  • Minimum airflow
Air Conditioning Issues Alton Illinois

Three Common Air Conditioning Issues

Age and Moisture

Even though most of your auto air conditioning system consists of metal, the rest is composed of rubber – which deteriorates faster because of heat and moisture. If moisture enters into your refrigerant tank, it will mix and result in an acid that is damaging to your cooling system.

Electrical Issues

Just because your entire a/c system shuts down doesn’t mean it is a major repair. It is a complex system of electrical wires and sensors and when one part fails, the rest shuts down to prevent further damage. Your entire cooling system not working could be the fault of one bad sensor.

Blocked or Broken Compressor

Your ac compressor is one of the most vital pieces of your auto air conditioning system. It is what pressurizes your a/c system and helps keep your cooled refrigerant flowing. Due to it being located near the front end of the car, it is at risk for impacts with debris like sticks and rocks. Your ac compressor can also get blocked by items stuck between it and your car’s grill.

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